Floristic composition of the Bobiri Forest Reserve with special reference to medicinal plants

Project Team
Apertorgbor, M.M., Adu Bredu, S., Dabo, J. and Mensah, J.K.

The Bobiri Forest Reserve has played a significant role in education, research and recreation since its establishment in 1939. It is one of the popular forest reserves designated as a butterfly sanctuary in Ghana. The forest, although perceived to be floristically rich, lacks carefully compiled and up-to-date data on flora composition, richness, abundance and diversity. This knowledge gap does not only undermine the effective functioning of the reserve, but also fails to depict modern practices and trends in forest reserve management.

The rapid disappearance of genetic resources, particularly from the wild,has clearly made forest reserves important centres for ex-situ conservation of the world’s biological diversity. Understanding of the floristic composition and structure of forest reserves is thus of primary importance in identifying essential elements of plant diversity, protecting threatened and economic species, monitoring the state of the forest and ultimately in the planning and implementation of biological diversity conservation.

To assess the abundance and diversity of medicinal, ectomycorrhizal tree species and macrofungi of economic importance and their relationship with the flora of the reserve.

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