Forest Improvement and Productivity Division

This programme seeks to   increasing forest cover, improve productivity of forest plantations and promote integration of trees on farms and degraded landscapes, while building resilience to climate change. Priority areas will include:

  1. Rehabilitation and restoration of degraded landscapes
  2. Forest plantations and silviculture
  3. Agroforestry
  4. Germplasm supply and distribution system
  5. Genetics, tree breeding, biotechnology, domestication and conservation
  6. Forest health surveillance (pests and diseases)
  7. Climate change and forest productivity
  8. Sustainable wood fuel production
  9. Rural livelihoods and food security

Senior Members

Head: Prof. Paul Bosu

Name Position Field of Expertise
Prof. Mark Appiah Deputy Director Tropical Silviculture Research 
Sandra O.  Acheampong Research Scientist Plant genetics
Theresa Peprah Senior Research Scientist Tree improvement
Joseph Mireku Asomaning Senior Research Scientist Seed technology
John K. Mensah Research Scientist Plant pathology
N.W.K. Bandoh Research Scientist Biotechnology


  • Pathology
  • Biotechnology
  • National Tree Seed Centre

Field Stations

  • Jimira/Asenanyo/Bia Tano
  • South Formangso / Nadieaso/Mpraeso