Bobiri Forest Facts

The Bobiri Forest Reserve and Butterfly Sanctuary also referred to as Bobiri Research Centre is located in the Juaben Municipality and also under the Juaso Forest District.

It is in the Moist Semi-Deciduous South-East sub-type ecological zone. It has an area of 54.65 km2 (21.10 square miles).

It was established on 11th November, 1939 under the forest ordinance act 1939, however, operations started in 1946.

It is located approximately 20 km away from Kumasi and close to a town called Kubease along the Kumasi-Accra highway.

The topography of the Bobiri forest reserve is gently undulating with an elevation between 180 m and 245 m above-sea-level.

It lies between latitudes 6o 39’ and 6o 44’N and longitudes 1o 15’ and 1o 23’W (Hawthorne and Abu-Juam, 1995; Hall and Swaine, 1981; Bobiri Forest Reserve Working Plan 1959 (unpubl.)).

The forest experiences dry and wet seasons. The mean annual rainfall within the Bobiri forest reserve is between 1500 mm and 1750 mm. It experiences a minor and major rainy season each year.