Techniques for utilization of wood species

  • Drying schedules, efficient processing and technological properties of some lesser-used timber species and bamboo & rattan established and promoted
  • Solar dryer for wood products designed, constructed and tested for the timber industry in Ghana.
  • Equilibrium moisture content of wood in about 60 localities in Ghana determined for the timber industry
  • Techniques for sawing (small diameter) logs introduced and sawyers trained
  • Timber species in the Volta Lake identified and properties determined for promotion
  • Characteristics of coconut, Oil palm and Borassus palm stems established for utilization in Ghana.
  • Standards for power transmission wood poles developed
  • Lesser-used timber species promoted constitutes about 20.5% of wood exports in Ghana

Products developed

  • Production techniques in knock-down furniture manufacture in Ghana introduced to the furniture industry
  • Use of wood shingles as roofing material for housing in Ghana introduced
  • Prekese syrup developed and promoted
  • Wood wool cement slabs from Odwuma for ceiling and non-load bearing applications produced and tested
  • Standards for power transmission wood poles developed
  • Characteristics of finger-jointed profiles developed for some wood species grown in Ghana.
  • Briquettes from sawdust produced and tested
  • Characteristics of building blocks from stabilized laterite and agricultural residues as alternative to cement blocks in Ghana developed
  • Knock down laminated bamboo furniture

Wood preservation

  • Rural wood preservation methods developed
  • Code of practice for wood preservation, quality control procedures and inspection for timber products in Ghana developed