Solanum erianthum

Family Name: 
Local Name: 
Uses As Per Literature: 

In West Africa a leaf decoction of Solanum erianthum is taken for its diuretic and purgative properties to cure malaria, leprosy and venereal diseases and it is also taken to stimulate the liver functions. (Modise, D.M. & Mogotsi, K.K., 2008. Solanum erianthum D.Don. In: Schmelzer, G.H. & Gurib-Fakim, A. (Editors). PROTA (Plant Resources of Tropical Africa / Ressources végétales de l’Afrique tropicale), Wageningen, Netherlands. Accessed 26 August 2016)

The leaf juice is used as a rinse for sores in the mouth (

Traditional Uses: 

The leaves are used to treat piles.


Plant Category: 
Medicinal Plants
Disease Treated: 
  • Piles