Phyllanthus fraternus

Family Name: 
Local Name: 
Uses As Per Literature: 

The plant extract is reported to be strongly diuretic and taken to allay spasms, such as griping in dysentery, and the plant is also used as a laxative and to treat gonorrhoea and malaria. It is externally applied to treat skin infections.

  Reference: Oudhia, P., 2008. Phyllanthus fraternus G.L.Webster. [Internet] Record from PROTA4U. Schmelzer, G.H. & Gurib-Fakim, A. (Editors). PROTA (Plant Resources of Tropical Africa / Ressources végétales de l’Afrique tropicale), Wageningen, Netherlands. <>. Accessed 20 September 2016.
Traditional Uses: 

Leaves are used in the treatment of typhoid and  fever. It is also taken to cure stomach pain and to facilitate child delivery.

Plant Category: 
Medicinal Plants
Disease Treated: 
  • Typhoid
  • Fever
  • Stomach pain