Ficus exasperata

Family Name: 
Local Name: 
Uses As Per Literature: 

Root decoctions are taken for the treatment of urinary tract ailments, gonorrhoea, asthma and tuberculosis. The root is an ingredient in a prescription to expel worms. A cold bark extract is drunk in case of dizziness. The stem bark is locally applied on the body for the treatment of malaria. Leaf pulp or sap is externally applied for the treatment of rash, wounds, leprous sores, fungal infections, itching, oedema, ringworm, rheumatism, and lumbar and intercostal pain. The powder of the dried leaf is sprinkled on burns. The young leaf is chewed and swallowed in case of gastric ulcers.


Traditional Uses: 

Bark is used to treat toothache. Leaves are used to treat cataract, cough, infertility. Leaves are also used to promote lactation. Latex from the bark is used in infant navel.

Plant Category: 
Medicinal Plants
Disease Treated: 
  • Toothache
  • Cataract
  • Cough
  • Infertility