Book of Abstracts - 2018

Compiled by: Martina Elizabeth Nikoi, Prof. Mark Appiah, Jeffery Adjei Okyere

The 2018 Book of Abstracts is a compilation of scientific articles written by CSIR-FORIG scientists in 2018. The publication is to create awareness by selectively disseminating the outputs of research which have been published in international and local journals during the year under review. The publication is for non-commercial purposes and cannot be reproduced for any monetary gain. A total of 35 journal articles were published by scientists of CSIR-FORIG in peer reviewed journals worldwide. Some articles were joint publications with local and international partners and colleagues, while others were sole publications by scientists. Each abstract has been arranged in alphabetical order and numbered chronologically. The name of each CSIR-FORIG scientist has also been highlighted in each abstract. All sources have been duly acknowledged and follow the publishers' guidelines on the re-use of their journal articles.

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