Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services from Remnant Forest/Sacred Groves: The Case of Tano Sacred Grove

Project Team:
Bosu, P.P., Djagbletey, G., Ametsitsi, G.,Addo-Danso, S., Foli, E.G. and Cobbinah, J.R.

Sacred groves are small areas of intact or slightly degraded primary forests reserved for religious and traditional rites. Th ese forest islands remain among the most valuable biodiversity hotspots for which much could be obtained for the conservation and sustainable management of forests for the future. e focal objectives of the study were to:
1. Assess the potential of the Tano Sacred Grove (TSG) to provide the ecosystem service of pollination to the surrounding agricultural landscape.
2. Determine soil nutrients and carbon stocks in the TSG and the various land-use types.