Beatrice Obiri Darko

Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Darko Obiri

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Position: Principal Research Scientist


Professional background
2004 PhD Agricultural Ecology (Economics), University of Wales, Bangor,UK

1995 MSc. Agroforestry, Aberdeen University, Scotland, UK

1993 BSc. (Hons) Agriculture (Economics and Farm Management), KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

Professional fields of interest
Agro-ecological economics/Farming systems

Sustainable land use/natural resource management


Forest products and markets

Livelihood and gender analyses

Value chain/Supply chain analysis

Biomass energy (Charcoal and Firewood)

Climate Change

Research Projects
Rehabilitation of degraded forest for sustainable woodfuel production and climate change mitigation in the forest-savanna transition zone of Ghana  ITTO Funded

Multistakeholder dialogue for developing alternative livelihoods for illegal chainsaw lumber producers EU Funded

Economies of Mahogany production in Ghana ITTO Funded

Capacity building for small holder CDM forests in Ghana ITTO Funded

Tropical forests for poverty alleviation: From household data to global analysis. PEN-CIFOR Project Funded by Danish Government

Economics and development of Integrated mahogany farm plantations. ITTO funded

Ethno botanical studies on medicinal plants in Ghana. Afornet funded

Socio-economics and development

Other positions
Head of Division, Forest Products and Marketing Division, Forestry Research Institute of Ghana 

Project coordinator, Danida-PEN Ghana


Journal articles
Hansen, C. P., Pouliot, M., Treue, T., Obiri, D. B. and Marfo, E. 2014. Forests, timber and rural livelihoods: Implications for the VPA and social safeguards in Ghana. Accepted for publication, Small Scale Forestry, Journal.

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Book chapter
Jamnadass, R., Obiri, D. B., et. al., 2015. Understanding the Roles of Forests and Tree-based Systems in Food Provision. In Forests, Trees and Landscapes for Food Security and Nutrition: A Global Assessment Report. IUFRO World Series 33, 25-49. Editors: Bhaskar Vira, Christoph Wildburger, Stephanie Mansourian. 

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1994-1995 ODASS to study MSc. Agroforesty in Aberdeen, UK

1998 DSE Germany Scholarship for Training in Interdisciplinary Team Research, ICRA. Netherlands 

2000-2003 DFID sponsorship for PhD Univ. of Wales, UK

2008 ERSMUS MUNDUS SUTROFOR  Scholarship for visiting academics to the Univ. of Wales, UK

2013 Commonwealth Professional Fellowship for training course in Bio-Energy and Climate Change at the University of Edinburgh, UK

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