Development of Building Blocks made of Stabilized Laterite and Agricultural Residues as an environmentally friendly alternative to Cement Blocks in Ghana

Project Team: Appiah-Kubi, E., Strautmann, J., Owusu, F.W., Appiah, J.K., Tekpetey, S.L., Damnyag, L., Essien, C., Sekyere, D. and Ofori, J.


Housing continues to be a major problem in many African countries. In Ghana, the cost of building materials is high and many poor families live in congested and overcrowded cities. Laterite is a readily available building material which has been used for many years by local people in villages who cannot a ord cement for building construction. Agricultural residues such as corn and rice husks and sawdust from processing industries that are potential raw materials for building are mostly, burnt in the open causing air pollution. Th is project is in collaboration with Bern University of Applied Sciences, Architecture Wood & Civil Engineering, Switzerland and CSIR-BRRI, and is in two main phases. The fi rst project phase is concerned with the collection and analysis of readily available raw materials such as sawdust, corn stalk with the husk, rice husk and palm fi bres