Production Section

The Production Section of CSIR-FORIG was set up in 1985 to demonstrate how the Institute’s research findings particularly with regards to Lesser Used Species (LUS) could be used in manufacturing of finished products. It is also aimed at generating money to support research activities at the institute.The Section has primarily engaged itself in using wood (particularly lesser-used timber species) for the manufacture of variety of items including furniture, coffins, doors , wooden louvers, internal decorations etc). It also has facilities for the manufacture of woody souvenirs and it is  also engaged in the construction of wooden houses and bus stop sheds.

The Section has over the years exhibited consistent work protocols in the manufacture of high quality and durable furniture for Government establishments, organizations and institutes, NGO’s, educational institutions and individual homes. It has also built a reputation for its design of wood products.

The Section is fairly equipped with modern wood-working machines including:

  • Woodmizer
  • Furniture Testing Machine
  • Belt Sander
  • Universal machines
  • Shooting machine/saw fixer
  • Planning machine
  • Spindle moulder
  • Bench saw
  • Band saw


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UP Coming Snail Farming Training