Bamboo Resources in Ghana: Diversity, properties, products and opportunities

Stephen Lartey Tekpetey

Bamboo Resources HandbookData and information on bamboo resources in Ghana are scattered and in various forms. This impedes quality research work and effective dissemination of information on this valuable resource. Especially in an era where there is the introduction of  new courses in Non-timber forest products especially bamboo in most forestry related educational institutions in Ghana, the publication of the  handbook of bamboo resources in Ghana will improve access to information and data on bamboo in Ghana.  The book titled ‘Bamboo Resources in Ghana: Diversity, properties, products and opportunities” was published with financial support of ITTO fellowship (Ref No 010/10A). It is divided into eight chapters with each chapter comprising data and information on different aspects of bamboo resources in Ghana.

Chapter One contains bamboo diversity, distribution and development in Africa and Ghana. It also captures the importance of different bamboo types in different communities in Ghana. Chapters two, three and four focus on the anatomical, chemical, physical, thermogravimetric and mechanical properties of bamboo in Ghana which were obtained from the libraries, annual reports and postgraduates theses in different research and educational institutions in Ghana. Chapter five of the book involves the processing techniques involve primary, secondary and tertiary processing of bamboo species and related tool and machineries. The chapter also included the development of bamboo utilization tool(BuT) for the sustainable utilization of bamboo in Ghana. The last three chapters of the book contain data and information on the bamboo diseases, durability and preservation (Chapter Six); and bamboo trade and export values (Chapter Seven). The last chapter gives some relevant information on how bamboo can be used as a tool to adapt to the existing and potential impact of climate change (chapter eight). This book is obviously a quick reference and teaching material for researchers and lecturers worldwide. It will help build capacity of students at different level to address the underutilization of bamboo resources in Ghana.

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