CSIR-INSTI Makerspace launched in Accra

A Makerspace platform that is expected to boost research and the digitisation drive of the country has been launched by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s Institute for Scientific and Technological Information (CSIR-INSTI) in Accra.

The Makerspace platform, designed under CSIR-INSTI’s Electronics Division, would support the development of next-generation electronics tools and technologies and help in solving electronics and communication problems for national and social-economic development.

Dubbed the CSIR-INSTI Makerspace, it is also said to enable Ghanaian Start-ups and researchers to have a stake in the 2020 projected $5.2 trillion global information technology industry, estimated by the International Data Corporation.

At the launching ceremony in Accra, Mr Michael Wilson, Head of the Electronic Division, CSIR-INSTI, explained to the Ghana News Agency that a Makerspace provides co-innovative space where like-minded persons gather to work on personal projects, share tools and expertise as well as learn from each other.

He said the objective of the CSIR-INSTI Makerspace was to establish a solution hub based on applied research into accelerating technologies in electronics and telecommunications and to provide actionable recommendations targeted at creating new businesses from innovations.

The maker space would also facilitate the migration of basic research from innovators and University students to applied research while supporting with technical expertise to assist startups cross over the innovation valley

Mr Wilson said the CSIR-INSTI makerspace, would also provide startups and innovators, the opportunity to prototype and test their ideas at a lower cost leveraging on shared resources.

“Once the prototype of solutions has been successfully tested and improved through series of research and development, final prototypes or outputs from the makerspace will feed directly to industry through institutions like the CSIR-TDTC and the Ghana Innovation and Research Commercialisation (GIRC) Centre whose visions are to facilitate the translation of these prototypes and innovations into standard marketable products and services for commercialization,” Mr Wilson explained.

Dr Seth Awuku Manteaw, Director of CSIR-INSTI, said the first-ever makerspace of the institution, was one of the steps towards operationalizing and charting a pathway to respond to the changing dynamics of the generation of knowledge, processing of the mainstreaming of digital technologies in the activities of the Institute.

“For me, the inauguration of the CSIR-INSTI Makerspace represents a significant milestone in our efforts at giving the true meaning of the digitizing drive in our efforts at creating the platform for young people to network and find solutions to societal problems”, he said’

He expressed the hope that with its operational line of structure, the CSIR-INSTI Makerspace would grow and become an important practical arm for CSIR- INSTI, CSIR, and the nation as a whole.

Dr Wilhemina Quaye, Director of the CSIR- Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, who represented Professor Victor Kwame Agyeman, Director General of CSIR, said technological improvements played a key role in today’s global economy, which required an increased knowledge base for industrial innovation.

In that regard, the nurturing of innovation required applied research into accelerating technologies, which form a central component in the strategies of countries with fast-growing economies, regardless of the existing growth patterns.

She, therefore, commended INSTI for coming out with such innovation, which would help boost the technological advancement of Ghana.

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