Forest Products and Marketing Division

Over 11 million Ghanaians derive their livelihoods from the forest. In addition to timber, nuts, fruits, resins, gums and charcoal, fruits, medicinal plants, bush meat, honey, pesticidal plants etc. are continuously exploited from the forest. There are concerns on unsustainability partly due to lack of institutions that support marketing of most forest products, particularly NTFPs and hence poor access to markets. This programme will therefore support market development for forest products

Priority areas will include:

  •     Value chain development / capacity building
  •     Bio-prospecting
  •     Marketing and trade
  •     Strengthen rural enterprises (including co-orporatives)
  •     Development of standards and certification of marketed products
  •     Access to domestic and international marketi
  •     Private sector investment in non-timber forest products development and processing


Head: Dr. Lawrence Damnyag

Name Position Field of Expertise
Beatrice Darko Obiri Principal Research Scientist Socio economist
Lawrence  Damnyag Principal Research Scientist Socio economist
Samar B. Sparkler Research Scientist  
Sarah Pentsil Research Scientist  
Andrew Oteng-Amoako Chief Research Scientist Wood Anatomist



Name Position
Richard K.  Adjei Principal Technical Officer
Jacqueline Twintoh Principal Technical Officer
Safia Ibrahim Principal Technical Officer