Forest Policy, Governance and Livelihoods

This programme undertakes research on factors that relate to global and national policy and legislative processes, equity, valuation of forest resources, and marketing for enhanced livelihood and economic development.

The Division has 5 senior members, 2 senior members and is headed by Dr. Elizabeth A. Obeng.

The Priority areas of the division include:

  1. Forests and livelihoods
  2. Policy and governance challenges
  3. Forest and land tenure
  4. Gender and forestry
  5. Forest conflict resolution
  6. Participatory  Forest Management (PFM)
  7. Forest extension
  8. Forest valuation and payment for ecosystem Services (PES)


Name Position Field of Expertise
Elizabeth A. Obeng (PhD) Senior Research Scientist Econometrics , Ecosystem services
Kwame Oduro Antwi (PhD) Senior Research Scientist  
Emmanuel Marfo (PhD) (Leave without pay) Principal Research Scientist Forest Policy and Governance
William Dumenu Research Scientist  
Marshall A. Adams, PhD. Research Scientist  


Name Position
Emmanuel Asiedu-Poku Chief Technical Officer
Markfred Mensah Chief Technical Officer


New Handbook On Wood Density - Copies Available At CSIR-FORIG

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UP Coming Snail Farming Training