Terminalia catappa

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Uses As Per Literature: 

The red leaves act as a vermifuge, while the sap of young leaves, cooked with oil from the kernel, is used to treat leprosy. Leaves may be rubbed on breasts to cure pain or, when heated, may be applied to numb parts of the body. They may be used as a dressing for swollen rheumatic joints. Leaves, bark and fruit are used to treat yaws. The bark and root bark are useful for bilious fever, diarrhoea, thrush, and as a remedy for sores and abscesses. The kernel of the fruit mixed with beeswax stops putrid exudation and bloody faeces.  The young leaves are used to cure headaches and colic

Source: Agroforestry Database 4.0 (Orwa et al.2009)

Traditional Uses: 

Food: The ripe fruits are eaten raw. 
Medicine: Leaves and bark are used in the treatment of fever.

Plant Category: 
Forest Foods and Medicinal Plants
Disease Treated: 
  • Fever
Food Category: