Spondias Mombin

Family Name: 
Local Name: 
Uses As Per Literature: 

The fruit pulp is either eaten fresh or made into juice, concentrate, jellies, and sherbets. The bark is used as a purgative and in local applications for leprosy. The bark decoction is also used in the treatment of severe cough (Echeme et al. 2014). It serves as an emetic, a remedy for diarrhea, dysentery, haemorrhoids and a treatment for gonorrhoea and leucorrhea (Ayoka et al, 2008)

Ayoka, A.O.; R.O. Akomolafe, O.S. Akinsomisoye, and O.E.Ukponmwan (2008). Medicinal and Economic Value of Spondias mombin. African Journal of Biomedical Research 11(2): 129–136.
Echeme, J.O.,  Ahuchogu, A.A., and  Uchegbu, R. I. (2014) American Journal of Chemistry and Applications 1(3): 28-31

Traditional Uses: 

Food: The fuit pulp is eaten as a fruit.
Medicine: Bark is used in the treatment of fracture and convulsion. The bark also facilitates child delivery.

Plant Category: 
Forest Foods and Medicinal Plants
Disease Treated: 
  • Fracture
  • Convulsion
Seasons Available: 
Dry Season
Food Category: